Meeting Documents
Okaloosa County Summary of Map Actions (SOMA) - City of Crestview, City of Cinco Bayou, City of Destin, City of Fort Walton Beach, City of Laurel Hill, City of Mary Esther, City of Niceville, City of Valparaiso, Okaloosa County
Okaloosa County Flood Map Update (Town Hall Presentation 24th April 2017)
Property Owner Appeal Petition Direction and Form
Coastal Flood Risk Study Meetings Fact Sheet
Community Rating System Brochure
Community Rating System Coordinators Manual (2014)
Community Rating System Fact Sheet
Electronic Letter of Map Amendment (ELOMA) Guidance
Grandfathering for Insurance Agents
Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 (HFIAA) Surcharge Fact Sheet
Letter of Map Change Fact Sheet
National Flood Insurance Program Frequently Asked Questions
Online Letter of Map Change Flyer
Scientific Resolution Panel Fact Sheet
Summary of Map Action Process